We write e-learning courses to help you find what you love and what you're good at, and then  guide you through several steps towards pursuing your personal success.

e-learning courses

Students are guided through these steps:

* research their interests & skills

*interview field experts by phone and email

* create a learning experience for others

* plan for how to give back in their interest field, through charitable events or club formation

Here to Choose Your Paths?

    I write books to teach about important people and places in history.  

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Here for Books and Resources?

We create paperback and e-books at a variety of reading levels, along with other educational materials that tie school subjects to real-world learning.  

About Us

Anyone Can Learn - the tools I develop in response to the needs I see:  

  • Anyone Can Learn has morphed from teaching infant and child massage classes to nurses and expecting or new parents, to ...

  • Writing the history books that I needed, for my students to learn standards in more depth than what was available, to ...

  • Freelance writing for curriculum companies and non-profit organizations that partner with schools, on everything from character building, to philanthropy, to summer camp training, to ...

  • Developing e-learning courses that help students develop a potential future version of themselves, based on their talents and interests, reaching out to field experts with interview questions, and creating projects and events to help others with these talents, interests and village of supporters.

Why Your Neighbor Matters - my nonprofit response to other needs I see:

  • The non-profit organization, Why Your Neighbor Matters, is currently waiting on 501(c)3 status, so that I can do more with my skills and networks:

  • As my personal way to help educators and students outside of the resources I create, is by building student scholarship and an educator grant funds for each district, with most of your membership fees going directly back towards meeting your students' and educators' needs.

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