* Explore what your talents and interests look like in the world

* Connect with field experts who want to help you succeed

* Create a presentation about what you learned about what YOU like!

Upper Elementary grades

LEVEL 1 - What are your Talents and Passions?

* Add to what you know about your talents and passions

* Collaborate and create using your skills and interests

* Plan and/or contribute to a school and community event

* Present learning, using publishing and editing tools

Middle School

LEVEL 2 - What can you DO with your talents and passions now?

* Assess your current skills

* Plan how you will gain skills you need (volunteering, virtual reality training)

* Build stronger contacts locally and globally

* Mentor younger students and help organize events

Early High School

(under construction) LEVEL 3 - What do you NEED to pursue your dreams?

* Gain hands-on experiences

* Find people and places for job shadowing, apprenticeships, volunteering

* Research paths towards your dreams

* Complete your portfolio and plan the steps to your success

Upper High School

(under construction) LEVEL 4 - Where will your talents and passions take you?

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