Why use valuable time to practice ELA and test practice skills using random text, when you can be using standards-based complex text? This e-lesson spans 1st - 5th grade levels and CAN BE USED WITHIN ANY OTHER CURRICULUM you're doing, it can be printed out or projected and combines standards-based social studies with Common Core ELA standards, quick-write practice, test-taking practice, inductive math lesson, and link to science standards. This comes with answer sheet, standards covered, and skills checklist for easy formative assessment and response to intervention. Lesson is based on math problem submitted by a community member (mason), and it includes close reading, fact fluency practice, guided and independent practice, quick-write picture prompt and rubric, student engagement activities, and college and career readiness. I use this in response to discussions about students' future career choices and their parents' jobs.

Careers Now and Then: Radius & Diameter with IT Directors Day 1 - Ancient India


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